Technical Data Sheet #Z-2005/E
Rev. 1/26/98

TYPE Q Pad Printing and Screen Printing Ink


Type Q is suitable for screen and pad printing.

Ink Type:

1-component high-gloss ink

Printing Media:

Aluminum (anodized and brushed), Plexiglass, polystyrene, rigid PVC,
wood, paper, polyester, glass (for decoration purposes only, not dish washer resistant), other materials after testing
The printability of prelacquered aluminum may have a negative influence due to ground varnish containing silicone or a too long stoving time - pre-testing is necessary.


The ink is stovable (230 -250 F, 20 to 30 minutes)

Important Notes:

-The addition of lacquer #707042 will increase transparency.
-For recoating use lacquer #707042 or lacquer #A812042 with hardener #700003 (2:1).
-The stoving time for lacquer is 15 minutes maximum.
-We recommend the addition of 1% to 2% dryer (Siccative) #700100 before printing.


Air dried:4 to 6 hours, dust dry
Kiln dried: temperature approx. 140 - 160 F, 10 minutes


1 to 2 days


Thinner: 700023 thinner for screen printing
700050 thinner for polystyrene printing
200000 thinner & 700055 thinner for pad printing

Retarder: 700010 retarder

Cleaner: 700093 universal cleaner

Overprint Varnish:
707042 Q lacquer, or
812042 A lacquer w/700003 hardener (2:1)
Recoating is possible for screen printing only.

For unopened, sealed original containers there is a storage stability of 1 year.


#1 - 29 according to universal color chart; custom colors are available
#30 - 33 silver and gold shades are available in standard colors.

Form of delivery:

Colors: 1 kg can

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production, is meant to be used only as an informative guide.

The above information carries no guarantee and will bear no influence on any later contractual relationship with prospective customers and limits us to the sales price of the aforementioned products.