Technical Data Sheet #Z-2006/E
Rev. 1/09/98

TYPE NY Pad Printing and Screen Printing Ink


Type NY is suitable for screen and pad printing.

Ink Type

2-component ink on solvent base.

Printing Media

Synthetic tissue (Nylon, Dacron, Terylene)
Natural leather and imitation leather
Flexible plastics
Other materials after testing


-high coverage and elasticity
-high adhesion and crinkle resistance
-good weather and scratch resistance
-limited fast to boiling and dry cleaning resistance

Important Notes:

-We recommend the use of polyester screen tissue to obtain better prints.


Air dried: room temperature 1 to 2 hours
Kiln dried: temperature approx. 140 - 160 , 3-5 minutes


Room temperature: 1 to 3 days (approx. 40% relative humidity)


Hardener:700001- 100 g + 6 g hardener
(thinner as required)

Thinner: 700030 slow thinner
700081 jet thinner

Retarder: 700010 retarder

Cleaner: 700093 universal cleaner

Pot Life
Room temperature: 3 to 5 hours depending on color shades
High humidity and heat reduce the pot life.

Inks: for unopened, sealed original containers there is a storage stability of 1 to 2 years.
Hardener: For unopened, sealed original containers there is a storage stability of 1 year.


According to NY color chart
All color shades contain no heavy metals

Form of delivery

Colors: 1 kg tin, 5 kg tank, 25 kg tank
Hardener: 250 g tin, 1 kg tin

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production , is meant to be used only as an informative guide.

The above information carries no guarantee and will bear no influence on any later contractual relationship with prospective customers and limits us to the sales price of the aforementioned products.