Technical Data Sheet #Z-2004/E

TYPE M Pad Printing and Screen Printing Ink


Type M is suitable for screen and pad printing.

Ink Type:

1-component ink, silk gloss
Physical drying

Printing media:

Rigid and soft PVC
Polystyrene flat
Polystyrene glossy and polyester gloss
Other materials after testing


This ink type is excellent for screen printing
Good light and weather resistance (except fluorescent inks)
Deep drawing capable

Important Notes:

Suited for hand printing and semi-automatic press


Air-dried: room temperature 15-20 minutes
Kiln dried: temperature approx. 105 - 125 , 2 minutes When using jet thinner (700081) a reduction of 20% drying time can be obtained.


Thinner: 200000 thinner, medium & 700030 thinner, slow for screen and pad printing
700035 thinner, med.
700055 spraying thinner
700081 jet thinner

Retarder: 700010 retarder
700042 active retarder (Addition 2 - 3%)
If using retarder only, through drying may be inhibited

Cleaner: 700093 universal cleaner

Overprint varnish:709042 M-lacquer


Inks: for unopened original packs there is a storage stability of 4 - 5 years.
Silver, gold and fluorescent inks: for unopened original packs there is a storage stability of maximum 1 year.


1 - 29 according to universal color chart
30-33 silver and gold shades are available as pre-fabricated ink, 91-96 screen ink
fluorescent ink (M-709060 - M-709069)
Fluorescent ink and ultramarine blue show a lower gloss.

Bronze Print:
Silver:Mixture of M-lacquer (709042) and silver: 7 : 2
Gold: Mixture of M-lacquer (709042) and gold: 6 : 3
Both shades can be adjusted with thinner (700030) to printing viscosity.
Silver M-709212 can be used as intermediate coat for
both sides when printing onto transparent foil.

Form of Delivery:

Colors: 1 kg can, 5 kg tank, 25 kg tank

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production , is meant to be used only as an informative guide.
The above information carries no guarantee and will bear no influence on any later contractual relationship with prospective customers and limits us to the sales price of the aforementioned products.