Technical Data Sheet #Z-2003/E
Rev. 9/01/98

TYPE KT Pad Printing and Screen Printing Ink


Type KT is suitable for screen and pad printing

Ink Type:

1- or 2-component ink, gloss

Printing Media:

Nitrocellulose coatings
other materials after testing


To be utilized as 1- or 2- components, also depending on requirements.
- Color has to be thoroughly mixed before use
- While overprinting do not flame pre-treat. If printing onto cartridge (mostly consisting of low pressure PE) add 3-5% hardener (700001) to obtain optimum impact resistance.
- Due to high printing speeds we recommend using jet thinner (700081) only. At high surrounding temperature and when printing fine lines and text we recommend the use of active retarder (700042).


Air dried:room temperature 20 minutes, dust dry
Kiln dried: temperature approx. 140-160 F.,1-1½ minutes


After 48 hours, complete spacing material resistance will be obtained.


Hardener: 700001, 1 part hardener, 20 parts ink
Through adding hardener an improvement on the
spacing material resistance can be obtained.
Thinner: 700030, slow thinner
200000 med. thinner
700035, med. thinner
735024, fast thinner
700081, jet-thinner

Retarder: 700010, retarder
700042, active retarder

Cleaner: 700093, universal cleaner

Adhesion200006 Adhesion Promoter "Pit Bull" can be used to achieve adhesion
Promoter:on most polypropylenes without pretreatment. Testing required.

Pot Life:

Room temperature: 24 - 48 hours (with hardener) depending on color shades.
High humidity and heat reduce the pot life.


For unopened original packs there is a storage stability
of 1 to 2 years.


1 - 29 according to universal color chart
30 - 33 silver and gold ink types

Form of Delivery:

Colors: 1 kg can, 5 kg tank, 25 kg tank

Hardener:1 kg can, 5 kg tank

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production, is meant to be used only as an informative guide.

The above information carries no guarantee and will bear no influence on any later contractual relationship with prospective customers and limits us to the sales price of the aforementioned products.