Technical Data Sheet - FLEXIPLAN

TYPE Flexiplan Screen Printing Ink

Flexiplan ink is suitable for screen printing of PVC - curtain material. All colors are formulated for screen printing.

Important Note: This ink is also used for roll, paint and air brush applications. In these cases use thinner #700009. In some cases, because of the much thicker lay-down of ink, the colors are slightly darker compared to a screen-printed part.

Ink Type:
1-component acrylic-PVC screen print ink
Physical drying

Printing Media:
Soft PVC (for example, truck curtains, banners, PVC flags, artificial leather)
Rigid PVC (for example, Forex sheets)

-high gloss
-very good opacity
-very good light and weather resistance
-no heavy metals (EN 71, part 3)
-good alcohol and gasoline resistance
-no bad smell (contains no cyclohexanone)
-very good block resistance and cold elasticity
-good welding characteristics
-coverage: 70 square meters/kilogram

Air drying: room temperature, 15-25 minutes
Drying tunnel: 105-125 2 minutes 30-60 seconds

color shades 1 - 29 standard color chart
bronze colors*30 - 34 standard color chart
fluorescent colors*60 - 69 standard color chart
process colors91 - 96
(Bronze and fluorescent colors are not recommended for outdoor use!)

Binder and overcoating lacquer-733042
Matting paste-733094
Retarder paste-733095
Thicking powder-700091
Matting powder-700013
Leveling Agent (add 1%)700019
Anti-Static Agent (add 1%)700099
Curtain binder733114

Medium Thinner- 200000
Slow Thinner-700030
Retarder-700010 (200002)
Special Retarder-700007
Accelerator (Jet Thinner)-700081
Spray Thinner-700055
Print Fix Spray-700011


Base Colors:13 excellent pigmented colors allow you to mix a large selection of PMS colors. (For some colors add binder, lacquer, matting paste or retarder paste).

All Base colors contain high quality pigments with a light-fast of 7 to 8 on the Blue Woll Scale. To improve the weather resistance of the colors we recommend the use of lacquer #B3042.

For example, some colors contain our #16 ultramarine blue as shown on the Standard Color Chart. In those cases, a topcoat of lacquer is recommended for outdoor use to prevent color fading.


1 kg can
5 kg tank

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production , is meant to be used only as an informative guide.

The above information carries no guarantee and will bear no influence on any later contractual relationship with prospective customers and limits us to the sales price of the aforementioned products.