Technical Data Sheet UV Drive
Rev. 11/30/00

TYPE UV Drive Pad Printing Ink


Type UV Drive is suitable for pad printing.

Ink Type

1-component, high gloss, UV curable drying

Printing Media

Type UV Drive is specifically formulated for use in pad printing golf balls, but is suitable for printing ABS and other materials. Testing is recommended.


-Type UV Drive is excellent for pad printing

-Good light and weather resistance

-Very high abrasion resistance


Drying and curing by exposure to UV curing light only. The UV light jewel level required for optimum result may vary from application to application. Testing is recommended.


Type UV Drive is available in ten mono-pigmented colors and a transparent base. The colors can be mixed to produce any color in the in Pantone system. Type UV Drive is also available in metallic gold and silver.


# 200005 Ultra Fast Thinner

# 200010 Thinner B-Fast


For unopened original containers there is a storage stability of 1 to 1 ½ years.


1 kilogram container- 5 kilogram container

This data sheet, based on years of technological success and experience in the field of ink production , is meant to be used only as an informative guide.

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